How To Clean Computer Keyboard Easily Using A Gooey Gadget Cleaner

This Cyber Clean Gadget Cleaner composes of hi-tech cleaning compound that’s perfectly ideal for keyboards and any gadgets as well. With its patented cleaning formula, it doesn’t just clean any surface; it kills some of the germs too. Did we hear you say “Nice”?

As everyone would have experienced, it can be a bit difficult to clean all those dirt deep down the gaps between each keys in our keyboards. But with this squidgy and spongy Cyber Clean, a solution to this issue is resolved.

Instructions on how to use Cyber Clean:
Just press the sponge like gadget cleaner on the surface of your keyboard or electronic device.
Leave it for a while and it’ll do the job for you.

Cyber Clean is a true revolution when it comes to cleaning action in cavities that conventional cleaning products can’t reach. Cyber Clean goes itself down into any cavities. And because of its perfect combination of viscosity, elasticity and patented formula; it absorbs dirt and any other residues as well as kills the germs on the surface as well.

computer-sponge-wipes-Cyber Clean Gadget Cleaner