Things You Can Do on Your 21st Birthday

Turning 21 years old is a monumental moment in a young person’s life and it’s considered the official entry into adulthood. This includes all the benefits that go along with that, noteworthy to mention is the drinking of alcoholic beverages legally. But alcohol consumption is just a part of the birthday celebration, with a little planning; a full day of fun things can be scheduled. Here is a list of things to do on your 21st birthday:

List of What To Do on the Day You Turn 21

Take the Day Off
Come on, what better way to enter adulthood than to be well rested, sleep in, rest up for the busy day ahead. If you can, have your mom, or a friend serve you breakfast in bed. If you are unable to have breakfast served to you in bed, then you might want to take yourself out to a special place. You could take your friends along with you. You never know, your friends may surprise you and offer to pay the bill.

Get Ready for the Big Day Ahead
Many people spoil themselves to commemorate their 21st birthday. You might want to get an overall beauty treatment from head to toe. A half day or a whole day spa that includes a whole body massage is an absolute relaxing treat. There are various spa treatments you can choose suitable for men and women. Get yourself pampered to feel refreshed and energized for your big day.

Up, Up and Away
Do you feel … daring? If you want an exhilarating experience to remember your 21st birthday for years to come, then how about skydiving? Maybe a helicopter tour or ride a hot air balloon it, either way, getting off the ground will definitely lift your spirits to new heights and prepare you for your night time activities.

Dinner with Friends
No one wants to spend their 21st birthday alone, so get you friends together and plan out the night’s activities. But before going out on the town, why not go shopping for some new threads, it always feels good to wear new clothes when going out on a special occasion. Go out and have dinner with your friends, get some food in your stomach before you start drinking … legally. Before you eat make a toast, order your first drink and make sure someone take pictures of you to have a truly memorable 21st birthday celebration.

Night Life
Now for the exciting finale, after dinner set your sights on a bar, make this a night to remember, sing your favorite song, dance with someone special and enjoy every moment of this night. Try not to get too carried away; if you drink too much you will need someone to carry you home, and then you would miss all the fun. A good idea is to rent a limo, that way you and your crew don’t have to worry about finding a designated driver, if you shop around and find a good price it can be cheaper than having a taxi driver take everybody home at the end of the nights partying.

This list of things to do on your 21st birthday isn’t that long but it’s sure to point you in the right direction and give you some good ideas to get you started. Whether you decide to just have a quiet day to save some money or an extravagant birthday celebration, this is a special time in one person’s life, so enjoy and be safe, and let the good times roll.

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