Cracked Fingers Treatment

Do you always experience dry hands? Are small cuts starts to appear in your fingers? Does this cause pain or discomfort in any way when doing activities of daily living? If the answer is yes then you might be suffering from cracked finger. Read the article below in order to have additional knowledge regarding this condition.

Cracked fingers are dryness of the fingers which results to the appearing of small cuts and wounds. Decrease skin integrity specifically in the finger causes several problems to the individual. Lesions and cuts begin to appear in the joints of the fingers causing pain and discomfort upon movement and grasping. The cuts disable the body’s primary defense against foreign invaders. Cracked fingers are most of the times ignored until the cuts cause pain which can be seen in late stages of this condition.

What causes cracked fingers?
Cracked fingers are cause by several factors. Poor nutrition and hydration can cause an individual to have cracked fingers. Frequent exposure to fungal infection decreases the skins integrity making it easy for cracked fingers to develop. Improper hygiene and hand care allows bacteria and infection to breed in the hands and fingers. Other factors such as work related exposure to strong chemicals make the individual prone to developing cracked fingers. Cleaning with bleach and other cleansers without protecting the hands with gloves can also be attributed to cracked fingers. Cracked fingers if left untreated and unsupervised can lead to deep cut wounds in the fingers which can bleed and open up causing infection to set in.

Treatment for Cracked Fingers:
There are two primary components to be considered when trying to deal with cracked fingers. The first is proper hydration which increases the skin’s integrity. Increase fluid intake will help in hydration from the inside. Water will help in the blood circulation to promote healing. The second aspect of treating cracked fingers is hygiene. Proper hand care needs to be carried out n order to prevent infection. Frequent hand washing with soap and water will help in the removal of dead cells of the hands and fingers. Soap which has a good moisturizing component should be used in order to soften and smoothen rough parts of the hands and fingers.

To allow maximum healing to take place limit the contact with other agents like detergents and bleach by the hands and fingers. To promote healing the cut in the fingers can be lined with bandage and limit the use of it. Proper healing will take place but since the hands are frequently used it might take a while if the hands are still used continuously.

Creams and lotions can also be prescribed in order to hasten the healing process. Lotion and creams will moisturize the skin and protect the hands and fingers from dryness.

Prevention of Cracked Fingers:
Taking in consideration the causes of cracked fingers one can avoid this condition by frequent hand washing and protecting the hands when working and dealing with strong agents. Hand washing will reap other benefits aside from prevention of cracked fingers. It also keeps the hands free from other bacterial infection. Hand washing also increases the skin’s integrity and keeps it hydrated. Protecting the hands and fingers while working and handling harsh compounds like bleach will decrease the susceptibility of an individual from cracked fingers. Wearing gloves during cleaning of dishes and bathroom will prevent the contact of harsh chemicals to the hands and fingers. Using hand sanitizers which are water based instead of alcohol will prevent the drying of the hands and fingers while still killing the bacteria and other micro organisms. Remember to keep the skin dry and clean at all times.