Effective Eye Stye Relief Methods

Having a stye eye can be a very painful and frustrating. Below you will find some important information on stye eye, stye eye relief and its causes.

A stye eye is basically an infection of sebaceous glands found either on the external or internal part of the eye. Ergo there are two types of a stye eye infection, an external stye eye that is caused by an infection of the sebaceous gland on the base of the lid and an internal stye eye which is caused by an infection of the sebaceous gland found inside the eye lid. External styes are usually seen as a red lump or yellowish when it contains puss. And internal styes also cause a red lump underneath the eye lid with the swelling visible on the outside.

Styes are commonly caused by a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. This causes a blockage of oil glands on the eye lid.

In some situations a stye can burst, if this happens then the wound should be well cleaned to avoid further infection.
Symptoms of stye eye:
• A lump outside or inside the eyelid
• Pain on the eye lid.
• Redness of the eye lid
• Tenderness to touch
• Burning sensation on the eye
• Scratchy sensation on the eye ball
• Blurred vision
• Puss discharge in the eye
• Tearing

Home Remedies for Eye Styes :
Styes in addition to being treated with antibiotics , they can also be treated using the following home remedies.
• Grate two cloves and apply them on the affected eye.
• Apply some grated potato to reduce inflammation.
• Dab a piece of cloth on an olive oil bottle and gently rub it on the affected eye. Be careful not to rub too hard so as to prevent it from bursting.
• Boil a handful of coriander seeds for at least half an hour, wash the affected eye with the liquid everyday until the stye goes away.
• Place 2 – 3 granules of alum in a cup full of water and stir until it dissolves. Use this mixture to wash the affected eye every day.
• To reduce redness as well as the pain and inflammation, you may take a few guava leaves, wrap it in a warm, damp cloth and use it as a compress every few hours.
• Take a bunch of acacia leaves and boil them in one and a half cups of water. Use the water to wash your affected eye with.
Prevention Tips for Eye Styes
The following tips will help protect you from having an eye stye infection:

• Avoid touching an eye stye, to prevent spreading the infection to the other eye.
• Does not squeeze or pop as you would a pimple the stye so as to make it burst, let it burst on its own. And once it does so make sure you treat the wound well to avoid any further complications.
• Wash your hands with soap after touching the eye stye and before touching any other part of your body.
• Avoid sharing face wash clothes
• Avoid using eye make up
• Make a point to wash your face several times a day

Eye stye can be simply treated. But it must be treated as soon as you feel the symptoms to avoid any other unwanted complications that may arise later.

In case the stye does not respond to any of the stye eye relief methods mentioned above or any other treatment, then surgical drainage might be necessary